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The programs are adapted to your priorities, to where you are staying, and to the amount of time you are spending in the region. Here are a few suggestions, easily interchangeable and dependant on the number of clients (from one person to a large group), some of the caves being strictly regulated as far as numbers of visitors are concerned.


For a one-day tour, I usually propose the visit of the most famous cave art sites around les Eyzies: Font de Gaume, Combarelles, and Abri de Cap blanc. Naturally, before the visits, there is an outdoor lecture about the art, and Palaeolithic times in general, to prepare the visitor.

For a second day, within close range, both Rouffignac and Bernifal are essential, since these caves are very different from those of the first day. A visit to either the Musée National de Préhistoire or to the excavation site of Abri Pataud would complete the day beautifully.

For the third day there are several options:

One choice would take us along the Vézère Valley towards Montignac and Lascaux II (the facsimily). On our way, the troglodyte medieval village of La Madeleine is well worth a visit, and, if there is time, the Castel-Merle complex of sites including the nearby treasure-museum of René Castanet.

Another option would be to go south and visit Cougnac, a fairy-tale world of fine stalactites and, more important, with Palaeolithic paintings even older than those viewed so far. On the way, historical towns and spectacular fortified castles border the Dordogne Valley, amongst which the Château de Beynac (home of Richard the Lion Heart!) is well worth a special visit.

There is so much to see in the Dordogne that these are but a few of many different possible programmes. Countless 12th century churchs, castles, manor houses, troglodyte habitations, picturesque historical villages, and the many prestigious prehistoric sites, offer a large choice of options for the visitor.

For more information about tours, please contact Christine Desdemaines-Hugon:
Telephone: +33 (0) 553 07 26 04 / Fax: +33 (0) 553 03 77 09
Email: christinedesdemaines@gmail.com

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